The halfway light

It’s the halfway mark of Week 10! Ahh, Week 10. The nicest week of every single term for educators in S’pore. The week I bid adieu to my some moody, some hyperactive, some sassy, some silent teenagers for one month! 

It’s time to kick back the shoes and rejuvenate for a bit. Alas, travel plans are non-existent due to the blessed month of Ramadan. It is nice however, not working during Ramadan. It gives me more time and less excuses to work on my relationship with Him, engage in more spiritual deeds and try to reap as much as I can.

And, today is also a day of celebration for us. It is Jaan’s last day at his current workplace. After two years of slogging it and dreadful shift work, we can finally kiss it goodbye. He got a new job – with much much better prospects and it is OFFICE HOUR. For as long as I known him, long weekends or just weekends in particular never had any significant meaning due to the nature of the irritant shift work but now, ALHAMDULLILAH  a trillion times for the new job. It is a far cry from what he is doing – for better better pay and work-life balance. It is true when people say, rizq’ comes to the newly married. 

We also have a new baby!


Truly, when He gives, He gives more than you can imagine. So, reminder to self: Never lose faith. 🙂

Salam Ramadan to all you lovelies out there ❤


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