It’s been sometime since I last sat down and blogged. So, here it goes.

So, life has been more calm and quiet after the whole wedding and honeymoon. It’s a nice kind of peace and calm. We are both settling in married life and learning new things about each other along the way. It’s so true what has been said – you never know a person until you live under the same roof with them! 

Time of course, waits for no one. Another three days and we are hitting our four month anniversary! It’s crazy that I spent one whole year planning for it and now it has been over for four months. It’s been nice reading on other bloggers’ who have moved on to baby preps and house preps. As for us, it’s still quite quiet as those two arenas are still work-in-progress.

I would love to blog about my experience as a wife in these past months but I feel I need to wrap up my wedding posts. A closure of sorts, I would say. It would be nice if I can remember the breakdown and blog about the entire day but I guess, some memories are just meant to be relieved in the private corners of your mind.

What I would like to do instead is list down some stellar vendors that I personally feel are beyond great and I would definitely give my top recommendations too. Those that I did not mention, suffice to say, are vendors I would change if I were to be able to do the whole wedding planning one more time.



They have recently been awarded the 2nd position for ‘Top 10 Wedding Stationery Makers in Singapore’ and rightfully so! I think I have mentioned this before but they have so many winning factors! Reasonable rates, awesome designs to match many different themes, efficient and easily contactable. Completely fuss-free and when it comes to something like cards, you would want people who are meticulous and creative. They are all that and more!

Sweetz Creation

Kak Aida of Sweetz Creation, whom I engaged for my mehendi and nikah pelamin was another gem of a vendor. Full of initiative, giving and she is very passionate about what she does. She is absolutely warm and has that personality which makes one instantly likes her! My parents loved her and her work subsequently.


Like I mentioned, my mini pelamin wasn’t so mini thanks to her generosity and willingness to please her customers! 🙂

Hocus Pocus Events


I have said before, I am not a flowers person. My knowledge of peonies and whatnot is a shame so I left this to Liyana, the lady behind Hocus Pocus. I sent her photos of my wedding outfits and told her to come up with an arrangement that would deem fit. And, she did not disappoint! The flowers managed to last too. I got them on Saturday afternoon and they were looking quite fresh still on my photoshoot, which was on Monday evening. Job well done I say!

Sweet Velvet Treats 

When I wanted to order my wedding cake, I was skeptical initially because Sweet Velvet Treats wasn’t a very popular vendor and she was only a homebaker. I was quite impressed by her portfolio and when I contacted her, she was beyond accomodating so I went with my gut and was I glad I did! Sweet Velvet was a great reminder that not all “not so popular” vendors are not great. In fact, the aesthetics and quality of her bakes matches some well known bakeries and are even better than some hipster cafes I have frequented. Same as Liyana from Hocus Pocus, I send her pictures of the ballroom, my pelamin & the colour scheme & left it for her to work her magic. I find that sometimes, this laizze faire attitude when working with talented individuals would be the best way to go. This was the sketch she sent me of her rough idea:

IMG_0020.JPGand when I saw my cake for the first time, I could not be happier that it compliments the decor!


And it tasted great as well! The cake and macaroons were gone in minutes!

Punjab City Bazaar 

What can I say about them? Raj (the tailor) has been stitching my 21st birthday suit, engagement lehenga and of course he made my dream come true with my wedding outfits. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. If you guys ever want to tailor beautiful Indian suits, do pay them a visit in JB! Both the red and gold lehenga was beautiful, comfortable (slightly heavy though and I needed to remind myself not to constantly slouch) but just PERFECT!!

16174538_10212332534487703_2181413226022118810_n16174655_10212332530927614_2648783808181364558_n (1).jpg16387274_10212332598369300_4934441872074150612_n16265979_10212332597289273_5961658800411185947_n

Mastani Bridal Accesories 

Indian bridal accessories are expensive! When we started looking around, we saw hefty price tags but tacky designs. I was so frustruated until I stumbled upon Mastani Bridal Accessories. She runs her business from home (but she is opening a store soon!!) and Sakila is supergreat! She is accomodating, she doesn’t impose, she let me try on like 1o different designs, was very easy going about collection and return date and absolutely lovely!

Well, I didn’t include in my photographers and videographers beacause I have yet to receive the full set from them. That  is one major turn off that they are taking very very long!




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