The Honeymoon

Has this space been dusty or what? 

After the wedding, I got swept up in a whirlwind. We left a week later to go on our amazing honeymoon which I need and want to blog about! 

So here it goes! 

The first part of our honeymoon was from 18 November to 2 December where we visited two of the world’s most famous cities, London & Paris! 

We took the 9pm flight onboard the Emirates A380 which transits in Dubai! Of course, the fambam sent us off. After almost two years of not travelling, to finally set off with the man I love the most, was a feeling absolutely like no other! 

We were so glad we have not travelled together before this because nothing beats the novelty of it.

Anyhoot, it was a smooth flight and we reached Heathrow Airport 7ish London time. Shagged we were after an 18 hour flight but we slept from Dubai to London, and boy! Were we psyched or what! Jaan quickly went outside because he wanted to experience the cold. And it was! 

Because we reached so early in the morning, we took our time at the airport. Got our coffee and tea fix at the airport cafe, made purchases for our data sim card. We bought from 3 as we could use it in Paris as well! Due to that SIM card, we could get an Uber! The trip was half of a taxi fare and we did take multiple Uber rides throughout our honeymoon. 

We reached, dropped off our bags and explore our hotel area! We stayed in Paddington, which were literally steps away from Paddington station. It’s such a good idea to stay in Paddington because it’s like an interchange? So you can get to many other lines w/o much hassle. 

For the life of me, I can’t recall what our first few meals in London was and that was probably the reason why I unfortunately fell sick for 2 days! It was horrible but I guess my body was getting accustomed to the weather and also we skipped meals a lot as we were too keen on exploring around! I vomitted multiple times but I refused to give in. I waited too damn long for this honeymoon. Jaan bought some meds and alhamdullilah I recovered soon after. 

We visited all the touristy sides of London. We bought the London Pass, which gave us access to many many attractions. The key ones that we visited with the Pass was 

  • River Thames Cruise
  • Tower of London 
  • Chelsea FC Stadium Tour 
  • Hop on Hop off Bus 

Of course, no trip to London is complete without trips (yes plural!!!) to Oxford Street. Ohmygee. We went there almost every night after our sightseeing. In fact, one day at Camden Market, Jaan was bugging me to leave earlier so we can head to Oxford St! My husband, the shopaholic! 

Oh yes, he became quite the ‘vlogger’ during our trip! Anyways, what did we shop in Oxford St?  We went crazy at Foot Locker, Lush, Topshop, New Look and of course… PRIMARK! 

Haiz, I thought Primark was going to be another overhype but boy oh boy was I wrong! We went THRICE there and I spent hours each trip, leaving with many many bags. It’s a shoppers’ heaven and I miss it so badly. I wanted to make one last trip but sadly, was banned by the hubs! 😦 

Besides planning how to spent my entire paycheck at Primark, we visited a few other places which were my absolute faves! 

Warner Bros Studio, of course! Being absolutely Potterheads, how could we not absolutely love this place? It was incredible seeing all the props, sets, costumes from the book series and film series that I grew up with. It was much more magical definitely because of the Xmas season, it was Hogwarts in the Snow! Definitely something etched in a core memory. 
Another magical place was definitely the Winter Wonderlan in Hyde Park! 

Hot Churros, huge Ferris wheel ride, warm kisses, lights all around, it was definitely a winner this place! I loved it!!! 

We also managed to catch a West End play. There were so many to choose from and if London wasn’t so damn amazing with so many things to see and do, we would have a few shows. 

We settled on Aladdin, with it being our  favourite Disney movie and rightful choice I was say. Superbly energetic cast and the genie, was an absolute riot! 

It was then time to bid farewell to London. Both Jaan and I fell in love with this city and lovely folks! London is an amazing place to be and more than once have we both wished to be back there! We definitely will return inshallah! 

We took the evening Eurostar to Paris and reached the City of Lights at 8ish. Paris didn’t give us such a warm vibe as London did, initially and throughout the trip I would say. Too many homeless folks, shady characters who follow your tail. 

But still, we got comfortable after 2-3 days and started exploring more! 

Of course we had to see the Iron Lady. Well, technically you can “see” her most of the time but we spent hours going all the way up to the summit. Magnificent view, of course! 

The highlight of Paris was three main things. Disneyland, Shopping and Food. 

I’ve never been to a Disneyland before and am I glad my first one is in Paris! It definitely brought out the kids in us where I saw my husband almost squealing seeing Chip & Dale during the parade! 

Again, Disneyland was already in a Xmasy mood and they had multiple Xmas shows and parades which we enjoyed tremendously. 

We returned back to La Marne Vallee the next day for some seriously adult fun, luxury shopping! 

La Vallee Village – a heaven of outlet shopping that houses 120 luxury brands! We got gifts for our loved ones at such a steal here. We even had to purchase a Longchamp carry on because we definitely will not be able to fit all this things in the two luggages we brought. 

We continued shopping the next day at La Fayette and Champs Élysées because as amazing as La Vallee is, they didnt carry Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel and Hermes – all which we had wanted to get things from. Yes, we spent quite a bomb on luxury shopping but that has always been part of the honeymoon plan. We bought so much perfumes, i think it might be able to last us until the end of next year! Of course, I went a little crazy with makeup. 

The Huda Beauty lippe that I am now obsessed about! i went back to the Sephora the bect day and got a few more! The MIL is in Dubai now and I have already given her a list of colours to get for me! 

As great as London was, food isn’t its best trait. I was getting sick of fish and chips. Paris’s pizza, pasta, pastries are absolutely to die for! Even a simple trip to their supermarket guarantees a gastronomical delight! 

The Europe trip was coming to an end but we had a nice unexpected suprise at the end. Our connecting flight to Dubai got delayed which meant our flight to Singapore got delay, and we had an 11hr layover in Dubai. 

The SIL lives in Dubai so we checked in to the complimetary hotel Emirates gave us, rested for a bit while waiting for her and her husband to bring us around. I was really in awe of the city and we both agreed in going there soon! 

We managed to squeeze in Souk al Bahar, Dubai Mall, saw a glimpse of the Burj and Citywalk! 

But, due to this layover, I reached Singapore the day of my friend’s wedding. Mad rush as I got home, got ready, put on my makeup in the car, performed bridesmaid duty, rushed home, checked on packing and slept! 

Off to Maldives the very next day! 

Europe was amazing but were we glad to only wear one layer of clothes after so long! 

What can I say about Maldives? It’s beautiful, romantic, absolutely chilled and a great way to end our honeymoon. 

We didn’t do much expect sleep, eat, swim/snorkel! It was perfect, my husband was perfect, the honeymoon I have been planning for was perfect and it has all ended, mashallah. 

Couldn’t have asked for more,I am deliriously happy and truly, blessed beyond my wildest dreams.❤ 


2 thoughts on “The Honeymoon

    1. fashasamsudin says:

      Hahaha! Alhamdullilah for the extra rezeki that came our way, but hey, I’ve always felt that it’s never about where you go, its about who you’re with! And your honeymoon will be superbly great, inshallah! 🙂

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