All Day ‘Err Day

We are at the 23 days mark and things are pretty much in a whirlwind.

  • Meeting with Vendors 

Both my appointments with LenScript and PixelWave are done – where we went through with them the finalised, very detailed itinerary for the three day event. Both our vendors are straight-up professionals who respected our wishes and requests, offered input politely when they felt something could be improved and displayed their enthusiasm and excitement that made us so happy. Considering that these two vendors are one of the most expensive vendors in our list, we do feel a huge sense of relief that they’re exactly what we imagined them to be. Inshallah, their execution would be mind blowing too. 

We also met up with Kak Aida of Sweetz Creation the same day we met the Operations Manager of The Landmark, Ramesh. Everyone instantly liked her. Kak Aida is warm, forward and full of initiative. She actively discussed with Ramesh herself regarding floor plan when her job was only to design the pelamin for me. Even though the package I took with her was for a 12ft pelamin, she probed Ramesh for a 16ft and told me not to bother with any additional cost. Ramesh was another professional who tried his best to accede to our many demands. Given the history we have with the management of The Landmark, we are very apprehensive but he managed to somehow convince us that our Mehendi & Nikah Ceremony will be in good hands. Our final conversation with Kak Aida was to decide on the theme and colours for the pelamin. Since we are having the same pelamin for both days, we wanted something that could cater to the vibrancy of the mehendi and also the subdue feel of the nikah. Not something very easy to achieve as they are at the end of the spectrum but hopefully what we decided on will be nice. 

We are only left to meet Kak Su from Divanistaa to hand over all our dulang items and Zubair from Serangoon Gardens would also meet us the week of our wedding to go through any final changes. 

  • Outfit & Collection 

I mentioned previously that we have settled our nikah outfits and also my mehendi outfit. I am in love with my saree!

 We have also settled all my bridal accessories, left for the bangles. I surveyed House of Bangles at Tekka Market but they didn’t have any nice ones in my size. She told me to drop by again this week. So we shall see. 

I even bought all my wedding shoes in JB! Considering that my dear fiancé is not that tall of a person, I’ll be wearing flats. It’s not easy trying to find fancy flats and thank goodness we found those in Angsana, JB. The store is called Fabiano Ricco or something like that. W even managed to get Jaan’s samping at Angsana. We were pretty shocked to see the prices of  Terengganu songket, hitting the thousands!! Of course we didn’t feel right paying that much amount for something Jaan would never ever wear again. We managed to find a boutique that was having a sale and the beautiful samping was sold to us at RM400. 
We would be collecting my two bridal lehenga, Jaan’s sherwani & salwar kameez next Sunday. Really excited for this one and I absolutely cannot wait to wear the outcome. After the whole journey of the lehenga quest, it will be a great moment to finally wear it!!! 

For Jaan’s formal suit, it will be slightly late where it will only be ready end of this month or early November. That’s really cutting it real close but we don’t have a choice and technically it’s not the tailor’s fault cos we came late for the second fitting. Finally, it’s Jaan’s shoes and cufflinks and tie that needs to be purchased. We have been so busy that we keep putting this off. Our videographer shared with us a few times that on the wedding day itself that the groom realised that he doesn’t have a matching tie or belt and has to make do with whatever that they have at that point. So easy to forget the minor details, that’s why I swear by my to-do lists!

  • Rehearsals

Last week, my family had our first gathering at the Shaadi Home. This is a tradition in my family where everyone tends to gather at the bridal home two to three weekends leading to the wedding. They usually do stuff like starting on bridal room deco, packing of favours – for my case the mehendi favours, and also the most fun, dance rehearsals! For the first time, Jaan joined in as he is doing a number during the mehendi and was completely disturbed by my Brother and Cousin! It was hilarious. Coming from the ever serious Bengali that he and his family is, it was a different atmosphere being greeted by my wacky and loud family!!

Other than that, all the cousins started practice on the mehendi and reception day dance rehearsals and it makes me so psyched to see them actual! 

Woah – such a lengthy entry this has been. Well, those are my updates so far. 



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