Be still, o heart


My sentiments exactly. It’s been a whirlwind of activities, starting from two weeks ago. Last  two Saturdays, we had our first #fmtheshaadi meeting with our bridal entourage. In an Indian family (or my family at least) , there is no such thing as a wedding being run by friends. It’s a huge family affair and my entire band of cousins are roped in and there’s a few main players that will be the overall I/C on that day. Hence, I never saw the need to have  a gazillion bridesmaids because honestly, they’d just feel useless with my cousins running the whole show. The only exception is my best friend, Saheera but she has always more family than friend anyway!

So, the meeting’s objective was to discuss and finalise the itinerary. I am not shi**ting you when I say we spent a solid SIX hours to finalise three itineraries.My dad and my cousins’ attention to detail was mindblowing. We were so refined to even have an order for photo-taking/putting on henna/ladoo ceremony, etc.

We even changed our nikah time & kadi in the process! We realised having our nikah at 5pm was cutting it a bit close with Asar & for Jaan’s family to arrive etc so we pushed it up to 6pm. With a stroke of good luck, with the change, we managed to get Ustaz Khair! When I changed the timing, his name appeared in the list so yay to that!

My parents & I have also been busy writing out the wedding cards and yesterday, they had their first round of going to the elders’ and passing out cards.

I’s going to be an exciting month for me as I  will be collecting most of my outfits. We collected our nikah outfits on Saturday evening! My verdict? Well, the outfit is nice but it’s nothing breathtaking. I guess, I had came to RN with the concept that I want my nikah outfit to be demure and simple, in contrast with my reception outfits. It’s pretty typical for the nikah to have a more “soft” kinda look. I would compliment that the materials he used were of good quality. Soft chiffon and it feels really good on your skin. Design wise? I shan’t say much except that it’s not the first thing that comes to your mind when you say designer outfit. I am so glad we decided to add on the long veil as it added a little be more grandeur to the outfit and the lace work on the veil was quite nice too. But I do like the outfit and loved the colour we chose!

This Saturday, I will be collecting my mehendi saree and next week, will be all my reception outfits. I think I can only fully be calm if all my outfits are settled and hanging in my wardrobe (hopefully by mid of this month).

Other than that, most of the stuff are more or less settled. I am liasing with my cake vendor who is coming up with cake sketches and I’m going to sent over my wedding outfits’ photos to Hocus Pocus as I trust their expertise to design a bouquet that would compliment my outfits.

And oh! I settled all my Indian accessories. We were getting quite frustruated that everything we saw at the arcade was so meh until I came across Mastani Bridal AccessoriesShe rents/sells Indian accessories. I  made an appt with her and was simply in awe with her stunning pieces!!


And i was even more in awe with such reasonable rates! In the end, I ended up renting three different sets of jewellery. For the mehendi, I only took necklace and a maang tikka because my FMIL has bought hand accessories for me from Dubai & Saheera has gotten for me the jhumar from Pakistan! I hope the assorted pieces would look lovely as a set! And then, I took two complete sets for my red and gold lehenga.

Most of the major items are going to be settled soon but there will always be tiny details pending, here and there!

Another five weekends left!!!!


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